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Disney Hotels - Hotels with Kids - Moderate

Moderate Resorts -

Disney have a couple of moderate resorts and depending on what you are after, depends one which one is most suitable. However, if you're staying at Walt Disney World with kids, here is my top pick for the moderate resorts.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort.

This resort is stunning and gives you a real 'holiday' sort of feeling. You have white sand everywhere, a couple of pools and a really pretty food court.
So, why stay here with kids?

- Exciting pool with a cannons and fort themeing.
- Little bits of characters in the rooms (Nemo on the bed sheets)
- Pirate rooms available.
- Great food court and a table service restaurant.
- Free dining at selected times of year.
- Free transport to and from the parks.
- Arcade.

    Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort - Image from www.virginholidays.co.uk/

So, how much does it cost?

For a two week stay on a room only basis (no flights, no tickets) for 2 adults and two children the costs are (in total) -

- £1944 for a standard room. This includes two double beds, with a bathroom, safe, mini fridge, TV, table and chairs are also in the room. It's a standard hotel room and if you're okay being in close quarters this will suit you fine.

- £2412 for a Pirate room. Pretty much the same as the standard room except for some pretty cool pirate designs which kids will love. (See the image below) They do cost quite a bit more, however if you want the room to feel more exciting, it's probably an option you might want to take.

Pirate-themed room with ship-inspired headboard opposite a flat-screen TV
Pirate Room - Image from disneyworld.disney.go.com/

The hotel has a lot of extras compared to the value resorts, so for example whilst pizza service is still an option, you also have a food court and sit down dining area (Shutters Restaurant). There's also rental option for push bikes and surrey bikes, fishing, movies under the stars as well as an arcade (if your kids are a bit older).

The food court (Old Port Royale) serves a variety of foods such as sandwiches, burgers, chicken nuggets, curry and roast meats as well as some Caribbean style dishes. Shutters, the restaurant serves Caribbean food also (as you'd expect) and features items such as Jerk Mahi Mahi and Barbecue Pork Brisket as well as chicken, strip steak and rice. Both are available on the dining plan (quick and table service respectfully) and if you book at the right time of year, dining is free when combined with park tickets. This is something I would personally recommend. It cost about £10 a day to upgrade to the regular dining plan, but it is seriously worth considering as it opens up masses of restaurants, including character dining buffets and some of Disney's most famous restaurants.

So, why don't I want to stay here?
Like everything on property, it does cost more than what you'd pay at the Hilton down the road. However, you are getting your extra park hours and transportation around the resort as well as potentially getting your food included.
The rooms might be too small for older families, and with only a curtain to separate your bathroom/dressing area from where you sleep, it could be a bit cramped.
The resort is also massive with a lot of open waterways to rivers and on the beaches and some parents might to like their children to be able to run freely. It is very pretty and if you are supervising, it's also very safe, but be aware there aren't any barriers.
The food court is also much smaller than that of a value resort and the options are set with the theme, rather than a mix of everything, however, you can still travel to the parks and other resorts to eat.

This is, generally, the cheapest of the moderate resorts on property, but if you're looking for a different theme, take a look at the Princess and The Frog rooms over at Port Orleans Riverside. For the same time of year and same family set up (August 2015, 2 week, 2 adults, 2 children, no tickets/flights) you're looking at £2631 for a Royal Guest room. These have a lovely fiber-optic display on the headboards and the beds are slightly bigger than the Caribbean Beach Resort plus Port Orleans is a stunning ground (check it out in the best moderate hotel for couples without children - coming soon!)

Port Orleans Riverside - Royal Room - Image www.portorleans.org

It's totally up to you what kind of room you're looking for and what your family needs. I'll be updating soon with my top Deluxe resort for families with children and until then I hope you've enjoyed reading.

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